Our Story

We do produce and export most of goods as AB textile with our 20 years of experience. It is truly an organization with a glorious past and a bright future. We provide all kinds of products in variety of groups for European customers, from big and good quality producers in Turkey.

AB Textile do a versatile production chain to cater fast orders in shorter lead-time.

AB Textile has its capacity and work with producers that introduced integrated technologies, to remaine globally up-to-date.

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The manufacturers that we work with are experienced in production textile goods and provide high level of production and service.

Also Exports of our products are inspected by the TurkeyQTS company which our partner company. Final inspection reports are sent before the shipment of goods and also while loading during production we send interlude control reports. TurkeyQTS company made more than 3 millions products final controls. There was no negative return on any of these products sent to different countries of Europe.

It is our mission to be the most trusted quality control provider in the world.

Our vision is; when it comes to trust and quality control, we want AB Textile to come to your mind first.